A Scrapping event and I am out of cleaner!!!

First let’s talk about the good news my niece had her baby a month early. A bit scary at first but Mom and baby are doing just fine. Take a look at this cute. He could not be more perfect.

Xander 7 pounds 1 ounce Friday Feb 27th

Xander 7 pounds 1 ounce Friday Feb 27th


Perfect little socks. My husband says we will make a sailor out of him.


He is just hanging out with Aunt Amy.


OK enough bragging now on to today’s post.

I am freaking out because the scrap that I am going to is next weekend. I have never been to one so I am having a hard time figuring out what I want to bring. So as I am packing up supplies I decide to pack the things I will need to clean my stamps and such. I noticed I am almost out of my cleaner. OMG!!!!

Stampin' Up!  Stampin' Mist

Stampin’ Up! Stampin’ Mist

Yes I have baby wipes and they work in a pinch during classes but sometimes I like to get them really clean, you know what I mean? It is too late to buy some from Stampin’ Up! as it will not get here in time. So I found this recipe that will work in a pinch. I hope it works for you. I will add it to my How to care for your supplies page for future reference.

The Recipe (All supplies found at the drugstore, just ask the pharmacist)

1 Cup of Distilled Water
1 Teaspoon of Baby wash
2 Tablespoons of Glycerin
1 Teaspoon of Rose Water ~optional

Now off to continue to pack and print pictures of my nephews and that wonderful grand baby of mine.

Don’t forget to check the weekly deals page they change every Tuesday. If your are looking for something or are almost out of your cleaner you can shop with me at the link below.

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Happy Stampin’,

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